2013.07.14. – A brüsszeli hungarian-success-stories.com cikke

01 október 2013

A brüsszeli hungarian-success-stories.com „There Is A Chance” címmel írt a Chance Programról.

PaliEzúton is köszönjük nekik az érdeklődést és a szép cikket.

„Spending time far away from friends and family is certainly no vacation to the participants but it is their chance to get a grip on their lives and understand how and why the situation has gotten out of control. Usually 5-7 teenagers and young adults travel in a group, accompanied by their personal mentors and by the group leader, Pal Vaskuti, a psychologist with extensive experience in his field. The group has a structured daily life, where working and mingling with the Sri Lankan locals is part of the concept and so is the goal to make participants experience the beauty of untouched nature, to help them getting back to their roots, and to try to have them let go of the heavy pressure and burden from their shoulders.”

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