Why choose us?

Most parents would do anything to sort out the life of his/her child in case of a temporary setback. Even if parents are willing to take the financial burdens of the solutions of state or council – which sometimes doesn’t seem adequate or applicable -, parents are left with no alternatives in present day Hungary. Even though foundations or private psychological programs are operating, these programs mostly offer ambulant services and provide no solutions to severe behavioral problems. In most cases these programs don’t cover various fields of professions.

We, the staff of Chance Program have recognized that to reach lasting success with children and teenagers in need of special attention, ambulant services by themselves are not enough; psychologists, psychiatrists, special education teachers, pedagogues, jurists and other specialists have to work together, and the program has to provide periods of more intense services.

The complex and multidimensional care offered by us provides the same level of security as provided by the private doctor who has the possibility of internship for the client.


Up until now around 100 children/young adults (and their mentors and members of family) participated in such trips.

Based on several years of experience we can determine that the adventure therapy trip has it’s impact, mostly permanently positive impact on every participant (including the mentored, their families and relatives and also the mentors and the leading psychologist).

We recommend to watch the 2013 short film about the 13,5 years old Tomi and his family that aired on television in RTL Klub’s Fókusz Plusz program. It shows Tomi and his family before, during and after his trip to Sri Lanka with the Chance Program. 3,5 later, in February 2017 the Ozone Network Channel also made an interview with the family (both programs are in Hungarian).

Feedbacks and blogs about other participants, children/young adults, their families or legal representatives can also be found on our website (available in English).