Our foundation is officially registered as of December 12th 2016.

Chance Program is continuously looking for organizations, companies and private individuals who find it important to support charitable causes.

We are in continuous connection with several families for whom the expenses of Chance Program are the only obstacle before them to join one of the turns. The goal with the foundation is to make it possible for ‘unmanageable’ children, young adults and their families to give the opportunity to join Chance Program within the framework of a scholarship program. With your offering you can contribute to adventure therapy trip of kids and their families living in difficult financial situations. For further information, please contact our colleagues!

We would like to thank every bit of support in the name of the supported families in difficult situations and the professional staff of Chance Program!


Adventure Therapy in the Tropics Foundation

Registration number: 01-01-0012018

Tax number: 18847877-1-43

Account number: 10403387-50526654-87521013

Chairman of the board: László Molnár.

How to support the foundation: joining the foundation (as it is phrased in the articles of association). The foundation is open to be joined by any Hungarian or foreign, natural and legal persons or societies as long as they agree with and wish to support the goals of the foundation.

The goal of the foundation is to support children and young adults struggling with integration, lifestyle and behavioral problems, by enabling them to participate in Chance Program, operated by the Sri Lankan SLEU Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. (address: Batapola Road, Kahawa, Sri Lanka, registration number: PV 69733). Besides – through ambulant services – effectively and lastingly sorting out the situations of children and adolescents who reject norms and rules, Chance Program also provides the services of the adventure therapy trip. The Program is primarily targeting the rehabilitation, remedial education and individual development of such girls and boys between ages 12-18 who have behavioral difficulties, difficulties with integration in school, who are on the way to developing antisocial (deviant) personalities, who mingle with “bad company”, who are developing addiction to substances or behavior, who became victims of felony, or exposed to the danger. Chance Program is accepting every children or young adult who, by any reason, became a private student, or who’s healthy personality development is not granted in the current environment.