Our professional principles

Behind the emergence of behavior- and conduct disorder disrupting healthy development lies: development disorder or trauma lastingly and heavily effecting learning and upbringing process, throw-back or failure in school, tension inside the family structure or elsewhere, ’bad company’, inhibition, anxiety, depression, seeking of danger or stimuli.

Behavior- and conduct disorders in children and teenagers are ’secondary’ symptoms of a problem that occurred prior to that. Therapy is only effective if the motive behind the symptom is also revealed and settled with the help of the family.

Personality can be organized/settled, symptoms can be slowed down, stopped or reversed in the early stages of emergence. After a symptom is fixated or became part of the lifestyle, assistance is harder, but never hopeless.

Asking for help is the first step to change. However, hard work is needed to gain change and that hard work has to be instructed by professional workforce.

For a detailed description of Chance Program (only in Hungarian at the time), please click the following link: Definition of the adventure therapy trip.