Adventure therapy

We have been organizing adventure therapy trips for teenagers and young adults to Sri Lanka since 2005 and Greece since 2019, for character-building and rehabilitation purposes.

During the trip, consultations in individual- and group settings, studying, volunteer work and corrective experiences are granted which make the adventure therapy a non-recurring opportunity for the youth to escape the endangering environment that is setting back personal development. It creates an opportunity to look at the current situation and the vision of future from a distance –  a chance for individual decision-making.

The questions and answers drawn, the impressions made during the adventure therapy trips are proven exceptionally effective for later psychotherapies and greatly contribute to the success of them.

The adventure therapy trip usually takes 2 months with max. 5 children on one occasion. Each child has his/her own mentor who is giving 24 hour care and attention for the child individually.

Before noon, participants do voluntary work, study and take part in individual psychological guidance.

In the afternoon, mentor and mentored take part in personal programs.

In the evening the group consultations are held, complete with feedbacks to each other and discussions of the daily happenings, experiences.

In the course of the trip the participants meet the cultural, religious and historical places and customs of the country.