Parents wrote – Tibor

19 November 2016

We’ve received this letter from the father of a teenager who participated in the program in the 2014 winter tour.


Dear Pali,

On the verge of the new year, I’d like to thank you for everything you do for my child. Thank you for taking the most extensive responsibility for him, being there for him with heart and soul (and mind, of course). You are standing in the gap instead all of us, who wish the best for him, even if we’re not thinking the same way about what’s best. Instead of us, who have lost the chance to help. What you do for our child is not bussiness, not a service, but clean and honest humaneness. We can only hope and wish for great conditions, life and fate for our child, but all our respect and thankfulness belongs to you. I wish for you to continue your mission in the new year, with power, health and love – until the world goes round and round…