Parents wrote – Andrea

19 November 2016

The pedagogues and the surroundings of my third child had a hard time tolerating my child’s extraordinary sensitivity, livelyness and unique vision. Living in a small town on the country side, it is tough to avoid injuries to the kid in such social situations. Although he was curious and a relativiely good student in the beginning, he soon became a tennager struggleing with studying, fitting in and having behavioral disorder. The whirlpool of introversion, severe depression and later thoughts of suicide dragged him down. Many tried to help but either he rejected it, or only accepted for short time. What was mere concern in the beginning soon became constant fear for him. Than my middle child received a link with the website. He wrote to Pali the same night and received answer right away! Phone conversation the next morning, some conciliation and begging to the child to give himself a chance. We traveled to Budapest the next day.

Meeting, collective conversation with Pali and the chid. Pál decided to take psychological care of the child at home (in Hungary) since we couldn’t generate the cost of the three months program. He promised to help the child to travel, so I started to gather the costs of a one month therapy. Pulling every string, I could gather only part of the money needed. THIS WAS NOT A PROBLEM! My child took off to Srí Lanka with Gergő (Vaskuti), his mentor, who is attending to him since the beginning of their trip. We didn’t know what would come. We only knew that he is in good hands and that we are expecting miracle.

He called right on the day of arrival! During the time spent there, we talked more than in the previous half year combined! In the end of August, we got back not a child but a young adult. His eyes were bright and he hugged me for the very first time in long months! During the months that passed since he arrived back he did touch bottom a few times, but he always shared them with me. He is studying a profession and trying to find his place. In case I have doubts, I can always turn to Gergő, and the fact that he trusts the child give hope for me too. This program not only initiated change in my child but in us, the parents also. We still have a lot to learn about patience, about acceptance and trustfulness, but we have an example set for us.