Who are we trying to reach?

Families that raise ’unmanageable’ children or young adults who are surrounded by frequent conflicts and difficult situations, children who are going into ’the wrong direction’.

Families that – despite asking for help several times – haven’t gotten real answers to their questions.

Families that wish to avoid the consequences of stigmatization.

Families that are not willing to avail the services of the health care- or child welfare system’s primary care because of issues considering discretion, or have bad experiences with the official institutions.

Institutions (public or private schools, medical or child protective services) in every case when lacking the proper device.


We’ve been approached previously with such symptoms as follows:



Anger management issues

Verbal/physical abuse

Degradation of performance

Sudden change of behavior

Avoidance of school


Getting away

Internet- and game addiction


Substance abuse

Addiction to sedatives or other medication

Problems with relationship

Lack of self-awareness

Issues with self-evaluation

Living in a fantasy world

Pathological lying



Self-destructive tendencies

Search for failure


Suicidal thoughts and/or attempts

Halt in personality development

Developing antisocial personality

Participation in crime (usually theft)

Criminal behavior


Special educational needs

Symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome

Symptoms of autism

Other childhood social developmental dysfunction

Other psychic developmental difficulties

Bipolar symptoms

Panic disorder

Schizoid symptoms

Problems with sexuality

Border line symptoms

Linkage to dangerous groups (e.g. underworld)